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Behind The Scenes with Our Team

The Out-of-the-box Thinkers

Amardeep Shergill


Born in the U.K. and lived across the globe, Amardeep is a driven and culturally experienced individual. Coming from an international background, and moving from place to place was not easy for our founder, however, thanks to this experience he was able to see and learn from different perspectives allowing him to adapt to difficult situations and get to know our customers on a personal level. This has helped to understand their brand and what they want to accomplish in the future. A fun fact about Amardeep is that he loves to play drums in his free time to get inspiration.

Daniel Encaoua


Born and raised in Venezuela, Daniel left his home country and family at the age of 17 looking for better opportunities here in the U.S. Having traveled to more than 30 different countries, our founder loves experiencing different cultures and individuals. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs Daniel is an extremely competitive individual who does not take no for an answer. Allowing him look for new opportunities and making sure our clients succeed and become part of the Olympus family. A fun fact about Daniel is that he loves to dance salsa and play soccer to de-stress.

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